Farewell, friends

Hello to all the amazing people who take the time to read my thoughts and peruse my art.

As most of you know, I started a sister blog, The Hypocritical Fortune Cookie , a few months ago. I am ecstatic about the reaction that HFC has received so far, therefore I am announcing that Being Liezl will cease to exist as of Wednesday 5 July.

If you don’t want to miss out on amazing content, exclusive artist interviews and all new creative endeavours, be sure to subscribe. You can also CONTACT ME for collaborations, queries, suggestions or just to tell me how you’re doing, I also feature content now and then, so Email me and I’ll see what I can do.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing, arting and interacting with all of you. This is NOT goodbye. It is simply evolution.

Please go and check out The Hypocritical Fortune Cookie for more about me or simply to read my interviews with artists, musicians and generally cool humans about life as an artist.

May you have an amazing week, month and life in general.

Stay curious.



New Blog!

Hi all!

I would like to thank my total of 15 supporters 😀 yes, even though there have only been 15 people following my blog for the past year, I would like to thank you all immensely for the love.

I have made a new blog, The Hypocritical Fortune Cookie, as a fresh start and a symbol of my growth over the past two years. I’m sure this isn’t the last time I will be writing a post like this (the chances that I will make and delete more blogs in the future are 100%) but I want to emphasize my gratitude to you all.

Please don’t disappear, I would love for you to check out my new blog HERE because it includes exciting new content (and also because I would love a larger following )

Sincere thanks and love,





one thing is many

as many as the times

I wanted so much to believe in


time is a man

walking towards me

and then away

becoming a child at once

in the late noon sunlight


and somewhere in a sun

or a thousand suns

I shall find a foothill

and filtered light that will remain





vroë herfs

vroë herfs

en sy groei aan my

soos kruisement


laat somer

en sy waai in my vas

‘n wolkie van ‘n mens


ek lag vir my hart

vir dié digteres


sy word so gou lief

selfs op liefde se grens


vroë herfs

en sy is koffiebone

persgeverfde kaalvoettone


laat somer

en sy los my tevrede

met die reuk van lewe


vroë herfs

laat somer

só word mense gebore



ek kryp weg

vir Afrikaans

in die soet kurwes van die

vyhand is waar ek dans


en sal ek nie daar ontvlugting vind

van die Digteres nie?


daar is boekmerke en bladsynommers

wat my aan jou laat dink

en in die reuke van herhinderinge

is waar ek my koffie skink


ek word wakker in Frans

en gee liefde in Spaans

in Engels dig ek

want ek kryp weg vir Afrikaans


die oggende hier proe boheems

en ek verlang na siel en gees

na die ketel en kombuislig se skaduwees

na rympies saans


na Afrikaans

en ek wonder


is ontvlugtig van die Digteres

regtig wat ek wil hê?








die bloed skree

maar die siele skreeu en

die vibrasies fluister

maar dis hulle wat ek

die duidelikste hoor


dis hulle

wie se vorm ek aanneem

en hulle

wat my naak los


en al staan ons in velde

met winterasems

sal daardie somer se vibrasies

altyd in my bloed



want dis daai somer wat ek aanneem

en daai somer wat my naak los



you phoned me today
and I heard what we used to be
in your voice
I heard your button nose and pearl earings when you laughed like you used to

I heard three-sugared coffees
and pages from books about Picasso
and I saw the flowers you used to wear
before you shaved your hair

before you loved in monochrome
and let the moon go
Your voice is still the same
but your soul is inextricably changed

and I will never again hear you say
‘Can we just be French today?’

You phoned me today
and I wanted to tell you I loved you
but my lips couldn’t say
something that was only true for that day

because I am a monet
and you only love in monochrome
since I went away